ADULT: Lotus Weighted Blanket – 6.8kg

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The Adult Lotus weighted blanket is perfect for a bit of downtime after a long day.  Who’s had those days at work where nothing seems to go right!  Stuck in a traffic jam on your way home.  Just caught public transport with delays!  Had a hard day with the kids who just wouldn’t listen to anything you said.  Then the Lotus Blanket is about to become your favourite blanket.  Wrap yourself up in some minky goodness, take a few big breaths, and let the Lotus Blanket work its magic and transform your day!

Have problems sleeping!  Cant seem to fall asleep at night…  Keep waking up.  Then try a Lotus Blanket at bedtime to help you get a calmer and better nights sleep!

These blankets are perfect for anyone who needs  bit of calm in there life!

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The Adults Lotus Weighted Blanket weighs 6.8kg and measures 120cm x 198cm

It is ideal for people who weigh approx 50kg – 80kg because the ideal weight of your blanket is 10% of your bodyweight, but they are suitable from 5% – 15% of your bodyweight.

*Weighted Blankets are not recommended for children under 2 years of age.  Please make sure your child can safely remove the blanket themselves before using*

The premium made weighted blanket is carefully filled with glass beads, each sewn into individual compartments, to produce a perfectly distributed weighted blanket. The glass beads are completely noise free, allowing for a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep.

The outer blanket is a beautiful , soft and warm Minky Fabric, that also breaths allowing the excess heat out. Perfect for a nice cosy night’s sleep, or just a bit of calm down time on the couch. If preferred, the outer blanket can be changed in warmer weather to our beautiful breathable cotton covers, which can be purchased separately.

The weighted blankets are machine washable.   Wash the blanket and cover separately on a cold wash.

2 reviews for ADULT: Lotus Weighted Blanket – 6.8kg

  1. Stephanie

    I recently bought a lotus blanket from Happy Healthy Natural and I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations! I usually get into bed and worry about the day or things I need to do, but with my Lotus blanket I find I fall asleep faster, sleep longer and wake up feeling more refreshed than I have in years! Totally worth the money!! I am so so soo happy with my blanket! THANK YOU!!

    • Donna

      Hi Stephanie. We are so happy that your Lotus Blanket has exceeded your expectations. Enjoy it and thank you for your feedback xo

  2. Melyssa

    I absolutely love my Lotus blanket!!
    Nothing relaxes me more when I’m on my couch all cosy watching a movie with my blanket. I also love using it in my bed for a peaceful sleep, it’s amazing.
    I have had anxiety issues for a while now and tend to not be able to sleep deeply. Since I’ve been using my blanket my sleep has been so much better. I now feel a lot less tired when I wake up. This product is definitely something I would recommend.

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