Weighted Toy Puppy-Peaceful Lotus
Weighted Toy Puppy-Peaceful Lotus

Weighted Toy Puppy

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Our weighted toy puppy weighs 1.5kg, measures 40cm long, and is the perfect companion for any child (or adult).  The toy gets its weight from glass microbeads which are sewn into a separate bag inside the toy.  The beads are evenly sewn into 5 compartments, putting a little weight in each leg, and the rest in the body.

Weighted Toys, like Weighted Blankets, work by providing a deep pressure on the body, which provides calming input.  When calm it is easier for our mind to process information and learn, or relax and fall asleep.

Weighted Toys can be used to help improve alertness and focus for activities and learning.  They can help to reduce stress and anxiety, or feelings of overwhelm.  Weighted Toys are also the perfect companion for bedtime, helping to relax and feel comforted at bedtime.

Not recommend for children under 2 years old.
Anyone using a weighted product must be able to safely remove the product on their own before using the product unsupervised.

Hi. I can't wait to be your new buddy, but first let me tell you a bit about myself.
As you can see I am cute and I am cuddly and I love to have fun.
Cuddles are my favourite thing in the whole world and I think playing games together is really fun.
Sometimes I can feel a little bit sad or anxious and that's when I love a cuddle the most.
If you feel sad or anxious, or need someone to cuddle to sleep, I will be right there ready for a cuddle.


What to do with your puppy...?


Weighted toys are the perfect companion for bedtime.  Not only is my our weighted puppy cute and cuddly to snuggle with, but it also provides a gentle pressure to the body, helping children to feel more relaxed and calm at bedtime, helping them to get a better night sleep.


Weighted toys are the perfect companion to relax with. When kids are feeling overwhelmed, their little emotions can take over. Our weighted puppy can help kids regulate their emotions, but providing the body with calming input from the weight in the toy, making this delightful little puppy the perfect relax pal.


Our weighted puppy loves to play!  So when not helping kids get a restful sleep or a little bit of calm down time.  It is also the perfect friend to play with.