Diamond Art Stickers - Fruit-Peaceful Lotus
Diamond Art Stickers - Fruit-Peaceful Lotus

Diamond Art Stickers - Fruit

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Diamond Art is the hottest new trend in arts and crafts and is a great activity for a little bit of downtime.  Diamond Art is a great activity to do when you are feeling overwhelmed and need a minute to calm your mind.

Diamond Art is a hobby where you stick diamond jewels onto a printed sticky front canvas with a pattern to look like a mosaic.  The canvas is printed with numbers and symbols that correspond with the colours of the diamonds showing you where each colour should be placed.  The technique is relaxing and therapeutic, and the end result is a beautiful work of art.

All Diamond Art Sticker kits come with a sticky front printed sticker sheet, mini mosaic tiles, wax, tray and drill pen.


The Diamond Art Fruit Sticker set comes with 6 different stickers, each approx 6cm, and round mini diamond jewels.


* Not suitable for children under the age of 3.  Small parts *