Are you looking for a great fundraiser for your organisation. Something a little different to the usual chocolate drives. Something that doesn't require a lot of work, not much organising, and no upfront costs. Well then we have the perfect no risk option you are looking for.

Our weighted toys are a perfect gift for most children, and even some adults. Weighted toys, like weighted blankets, work by providing a deep pressure on the body, which provides calming input. When calm, it is easier for our mind to process information and learn, or relax and fall asleep.

Weighted Toys can be used to help improve alertness and focus for activities and learning. They can help reduce stress and anxiety, or feelings of overwhelm. Weighted toys are also the perfect companion for bedtime, helping to relax and feel comforted.

School Fundraiser weighted toy



How much do they sell for?

Our weighted toys retail at $49 but we offer family and friends at your organisation the amazing price of $35 (only available on this toy design).

What is the profit margin?

We are very generous with our profit margins and offer $10 profit per toy sold.  This is a straight forward profit, with no other fees or charges involved.

Do you have order forms or do we need to make our own?

We have order forms already set up for you to use. Once we have a date for your fundraiser organised we can email the pdf to your organisation.


We will have your full order delivered to your organisation, ready for you to distribute to family and friends who have purchased. All postage and shipping costs are covered by Peaceful Lotus, giving you 100% of the profits earned.


Once you have finalised your fundraiser, simply send us the Net amount of your order, giving you your profits instantly, and we will have your order sent out to your organisation with 2-5 business days.

How do we organise a Fundraising Drive with Peaceful Lotus?

Organising your fundraiser is easy and hassle free. Simply contact us with information about your fundraiser and which organisation you'd like to raise money for, and we'll send or email an application to you.

Once your fundraiser has been lodged and confirmed with us, we will send you the fundraising sheets to distribute throughout your organisation. You set the time frame for orders. We suggest 2-3 weeks.

Once you have compiled all of your orders, simply send or email your order forms to us, and we will invoice you the net amount. Once paid, your orders are sent our promptly in 2-5 business days, so no long waiting periods for anyone to get their items.